“Is this schedule working?” and 2022 reading goals

In July, this blog went through a whole 180-degree change. I’ve rebranded, worked on reading and churning out reviews every week, and posted an occasional blog post here and there. It was ambitious, especially after my on-and-off hiatus for the past two years.

Now 2022 has come, and after 6 months, it is time to reassess.

First and foremost, is this schedule working?

Not at all.

As much as I try to post reviews every week, I’m not doing a good job in writing them, and let’s not talk about how awful I am about sharing it on social media. I realised that I don’t enjoy maintaining my social media presence either, which I might need to do something about that, but it’s a problem for the future.

I read whenever I can. Sometimes, that will be a few books a month, sometimes none at all. It is beneficial when I have classes and cannot find the time to read, but there will be weeks where I don’t post because I’ve not written reviews in a while.

Perhaps weekly reviews and a blog post every 3 weeks was a little unrealistic for someone who frequently went on unannounced hiatuses for the past 2 years. I’ve tried to commit to that in the earlier months but when my classes started, the blog post was the first to leave.

So are there changes?

Slightly! I’ll be posting weekly reviews as per usual, but I’ll only write a blog post when the time seems right. That could be frequent, that could be maybe once every 3 months. You won’t know when, and I won’t either.

Now for the exciting part – 2022 reading goals!

I’ve been on the fence for a while now. While I enjoy posting about the books I’m excited to read, most of the time, I don’t read them. Instead, it sits on my blog as a reminder of not meeting my own expectations.

Recently, I read Lindsey’s 2022 bookish resolutions and agreed that despite setting very low reading expectations, I still stress myself out. So my goals for 2022 will be (hopefully) very simple:

  1. Read 35 books.
    I read over 40 books in 2021. That’s almost twice my goal of 2 books a month and I’m still riding off the high of it. At the time I’m writing this, I’ve already finished 3 books, and working on the 4th.

    I’m feeling very good about this one (famous last words).
  2. Reduce current reads pile.
    You know when you read a book, maybe a non-fiction, maybe a reference book, maybe a book you lost interest in and you leave it because you’re tired of it? Yeah, that’s me, with 26 books, it’s…quite a problem (it used to be 30 so I AM working on it).

    Some of these are related to my studies, some are on architecture and cities, knowledge books that is quite difficult to read without alternating. Some of the books I’ve started from 2019, and I haven’t finished it yet. My goal is to finish at least 8 of them this year. It’s quite a large number, but I’ll definitely feel better if my “currently-reading” number is lower.
  3. Clear my review pile.
    Now this one might be closer to impossible than I wish. When I started book reviewing in 2018, I never thought that I’d have so many books sent for a review. I am absolutely grateful, but some of the books which I’ve accepted are no longer topics within my interest. My interests are changing, and I need to get to those books quickly.

    I’ve had backlogs of books from 2019 that are still sitting on my to-be-reviewed pile. It’s absolutely nagging at the back of my brain every time I see a book I want to read. 33 books and counting, it’s been stewing for far too long and I don’t want to bring it into 2023.

What are your reading resolutions/goals?

While I work on mine, I’d love to hear about yours! How’s your TBR stacking? What’s your “current reads” score? Let me know!


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