REVIEW: Storms and Magic

How do you feel about reading reviews of similar genres one after another? I’ve been working on reducing my poetry pile, which may be equal to 2 years’ worth if I post it once a month, which is not ideal. I’m trying to find a good posting schedule for it, so let me know if you have suggestions!

Storms and Magic
by Enitan Ige

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Enitan’s poetry collection, “storms and magic”, is set to start a fire in you.

Touching topics like love and heartbreak and self-love and feminism and being beautiful in your own skin. This book is for everyone who loves a good read and loves to feel in the process. Enitan will leave you picking up pieces of her heart as you close the last page of this book.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

*A review copy was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t understand how can someone’s feelings – turned writings – can be so beautiful. While the choices of words are not illustrative, it stirs emotions. The poems weren’t intense, but warm and burning, a rather cosy read that you can enjoy in under two days.

Storms and Magic is Enitan Ige’s debut collection. There were poems about feminism, life, friends, love, self-love and acceptance, failed relationships and reflections on society. I believe some of them are reflections on the poet’s childhood, letters she wished to write to her younger self, but I also think it could be relatable for everyone.

Still, there were a few minor parts that threw me off. The double-spacing, strange underscores, random capitalisations, spelling errors – I wished the poet could’ve fixed it or at least have another set of eyes before the final book. The poems were so heartfelt, but these minor things snapped me back into reality.

Overall, this was a great read. The poet’s choice of descriptors and the way she conveys her message is nothing I can ever do justice for. It’s something you have to experience yourself.


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