Meet A.C. Miller, the author of Nimbus, a Young Adult Dystopian novel, the first in the Perfect Circle Trilogy. Currently only Nimbus is out but the second book, Halcyon, is not far away. Nimbus is an extremely mysterious place and it just leaves the readers wanting to know more. We had the chance to interview the author and he is here to answer our questions!


It’s the year 2191 and the last known civilization hides behind a giant steel wall buried deep within a forest. For over eighty years, Nimbus has thrived under one rule: Separation. When a kid turns fourteen, they’re kicked outside the wall. For eleven years, they must survive before being given a chance at re-entry. It’s Nimbus’ way of keeping an identity the previous world didn’t have; it’s their way of preventing history from repeating itself. 

Sam Martin has spent his first thirteen years in Nimbus, but today’s different. Today is Sam’s fourteenth birthday. 

Meanwhile, Sam’s brother, Sean, was recently granted re-admittance to Nimbus after surviving his eleven years. Assigned to work as a member of the Elite Guard, Sean slowly begins to realize there’s something deeply wrong with how Nimbus works. 

Outside the wall, Elise waits. Directed by Sean to find Sam when he’s sent out, Elise sits deep in the forest fending off a series of headaches that have bothered her since her first day outside. With one year left to prove her worth, Elise must teach Sam how to survive the horrors beyond the wall. 

The outside is crawling with those willing to do anything to survive regardless of what it entails. Sam, Sean, and Elise must learn to cope with the darkness lurking both inside and outside the wall. If they don’t, those who hide in the shadows will win.



1. Was there an event or an incident that inspired you to write Nimbus?
The inspiration for Nimbus pretty much came out of nowhere one day. I was working and this idea just struck me out of the blue, so I immediately got a pen and paper and wrote down the ideas that were running through my brain. Then, I texted my fiancee (at the time; now, she’s my wife) the idea and she told me to run with it, so that night when I got home, I got straight to work on The Wall, but eventually it ended up being renamed, Nimbus.

2. The number 11 came up quite a few times in the book. What is the significance of that number?
The number 11 is significant more so to MacMillan than it is to the main characters. However, its significance can’t be mentioned quite yet, as it may come up in the sequel, Halcyon
3. Why was the wall built and why are there so many mysterious things happening outside the wall?
The wall was built to keep out particular individuals who aren’t welcome inside the gates of Nimbus; aka people who weren’t born there. Nimbus wants to be its own society and in order to keep outsiders away, they built the wall and placed guards atop it 24 hours a day, every day.
4. Is Nimbus the only place left in the world?

Nimbus isn’t it. There’s more outside the barrier, but I can’t divulge quite yet what that is. You’ll learn more in Halcyon.

5. What happens if those who turned twenty-five do not want to return to Nimbus?

They’re killed. By refusing the re-entry test, you essentially survived your 11 years for no reason (in the eyes of the Founders of Nimbus). 
6. Why are the authorities so secretive about Nimbus? Could you share what they are hiding?

They want to have those behind the wall and those were were separated believe this illusion that the only place left in the world is Nimbus. They want to limit their scope of the planet with the belief that Nimbus is all that ever was and all that will ever be.
7. Does anyone beside Eldridge know about the true history of Nimbus? 

He’s the only one who knows the dark history of its creation. No other person in that world knows exactly how Nimbus came to be.
8. What was your most favourite part about writing Nimbus?

My favorite part about writing Nimbus was getting in the heads of three different characters and hashing out their reactions to certain situations and events. It was a challenge to write three separate characters, each with differing emotions, but I loved every second of expanding my writing abilities by doing so
9. Lastly, when will your next book be released?

Currently, Halcyon, does not have a set release date, but my goal is late Spring/early Summer of 2019.
It was fun to interview A.C. Miller and to get to know a little bit more about Nimbus. There’s still so much mystery surrounding the whole need to build a wall why the number 11 is so significant. Definitely get your own copy of Nimbus and Halcyon (coming soon) if you want to find out!
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