REVIEW: Rebirth

Prior to the pandemic, I often visited art galleries. It’s definitely the thing I missed the most now that quite a few of my favourite ones have permanently or temporarily closed down. This collection mimics the feeling of it though.

The author, Galatea, is a photographer who uses her pictures in the collection. Read more about it below.

by Galatea Georgiou

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Rebirth is a chronicle of a young adult’s emotional growth. Galatea Georgiou unleashes effortlessly, through a dynamic combination of poetry and photography, the very honest, raw emotion and records an archetypal path from darkness to rebirth.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

*An ARC of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

You’ll never forget
the moment he took her away
the weight of the world
was placed on your shoulders that day

Rebirth, Galatea Georgiou

Four lines into the first poem and I already mouthed “wow”.

Truly, this book was an art piece. First you are introduced to a gorgeous rooftop sky, then transported into a world of loss which later sprouts hope. The second part greets you with another photo of lights cast through the windows, like a photography exhibition. I’m wondering why have I not read this earlier.

Rebirth is written like a series of musings. It doesn’t use traditional poetry styles with comparisons, and technique, but it is packed with feelings. It is straightforward, just like how the poet tend to express about strength comes from not hiding behind a mask, it seems like the poems were without masks or fancy words and jaw-dropping lines. Instead, it’s calm when it opens up their bottled mess, as if they had time to ponder and process their thoughts.

While the poet tends to use repetitions, it is written in a way that complements the poetry. Often times it feel forced, but in this collection, the usage of repetitions enhances the emotions. This is definitely one where you have to read from start to finish in one go, to fully gain the impact of. I really hope the poet writes more, but if not, I am still satisfied.

By the end of it, I still stand by my initial reaction. This book is truly an experience and I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of art galleries, photo exhibitions, modern poetry and mental health.

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