This is a completely new genre for me. I’ve never been one to read about animals, so when this interesting opportunity came, I found it difficult to decline.

It proved to be a very enjoyable read, much to my surprise. I think I finally understand why people adore animals.

by M.J. Evans

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In 1912, four men, calling themselves the “Overland Westerners,” decided fame and fortune awaited if they embarked on the longest horseback ride in history. Their goal was to visit all forty-eight state capitals over the course of three years and complete their journey at the San Francisco World’s Fair on June 1, 1915. Facing rugged roads, raging rivers, thieves and near starvation, the men went through seventeen horses. Only one horse completed the entire journey… Pinto, a little horse with a heart as big as the whole country! This is Pinto’s account of his arduous adventure. 



*A review copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

I’d like to preface this by saying that M.J. Evans is a great writer. I’ve known about the number of awards Evans had received, and I definitely do not think I would’ve read, and enjoyed this book if it was not for her writing style.

As it was my first time reading about horses, or any animals in general, and I didn’t know what to expect. I had forgotten to read the blurb after accepting a review copy close to two years ago. All I knew was that it is a book about a horse. I didn’t have high expectations, in fact, I dreaded reading it, but 50 pages flew past so quickly and I was hooked.

Pinto! is written in the perspective of a horse named Pinto and his journey with the “Overland Westerners” across 48 state capitals of America in 1912. It’s historical fiction, based of the writings of George Beck, Pinto’s owner, and articles dating back to 1912. Some events were fiction but it’s just as good. It’s targeted towards children, with a writing style that reminds me of Enid Blyton books that I used to read, but I believe that anyone of any age would be able to enjoy this book.

Told in the perspective of a horse, it had an innocent tone. A horse, it doesn’t feel the worries of humans, all they think about is hay, shelter, friends and their owners. It’s simple, and that’s why this book was enjoyable. It was so different compared to everything I’ve read and am currently reading. Although I wasn’t emotionally invested into the story, the writing style and short chapters made reading so fast and easy, and overall just enjoyable.

As someone not from America, it was nice to hear about the locations and the history, checking the map and finding out where the Overland Westerners were heading to. I think I know a little more about the geography of America now.


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