REVIEW: An Unfinished Colouring Book

I’ve always been intrigued by short stories for the longest time, especially when it is about the every day human lives ever since finishing The Museum of Things Left Behind a few years ago. I’ve been kind of on the lookout for such books so when the author came to me to ask for review, I was excited and had to say yes.

An Unfinished Colouring Book
by Cameron Lee Cowan

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An unfinished coloring book is a collection of short stories from Cameron Cowan. These short stories explore dramatic moments in the lives of everyday people. The collection also features the exclusive release of The RKO Killer: An I.G. Farben Mystery.


*An e-book review copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

t/w: mentions of rape, substance abuse

A collection of 10 very different short stories centred around the lives of everyday people. There were stories about people losing their house, winning the lottery, dealing drugs, just people talking about their lives, there’s definitely something that will resonate with every reader. It’s a reflection of life.

Halfway reading, I found it difficult to review since it felt it felt weird to give someone’s reality a rating. However, as a story, I had no strong feeling towards the book. I did think that this book really reflected what is going on in society today and the problems of everyday people and it did a great job writing different the situations, which I really admired.

I had a handful that I really liked and a few that didn’t really interest me. My favourites were The Diner, Beverly Garden, Windswept Wastes and The Ticket. All the stories were so different from one another, it really felt like I was watching many different movies and now that I think about it, I really enjoyed the experience.

Short stories have always been a struggle for me since I tend to like reading longer series or books that I can have a deeper connection and understanding of the characters, but this book really made me realised that it is enjoyable to read about different situations and having that sort of ‘connection’ to the characters isn’t the only thing that is capable of driving a story. I’m excited to read more short stories in the future.


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