REVIEW: The Ladies’ Man

The Ladies’ Man (Finding Mr. Right #1)
by Jessica Edwards

get it here (US) or here (UK)


Twenty six year old Lisa, is single and miserable. 
All she wants in life, is to find the perfect man. 
After going on disappointing dates to tedious dates, Lisa is convinced that there is no man out there for her. 
With her best friends’ help, Lisa is soon introduced to a variety of men, but which one of them will be her Mr. Right?


A fast-paced short story that ended far too early (at least it is the first of the series!).

Lisa, 26, and old-fashioned when it comes to dating. On the day her 26th birthday, she spends it the same way as she usually does – sobbing over her favourite romance movie and questioning why is she alone. This night her best friend, Laura promises it will be different. She is there to help her out.

Do be warned, this book contains swearing.

All her life, she met guys who have ill-intentions. Lisa is now 26 and is looking for a man who is different. However, it is difficult and to her, it may even seem impossible. Will she be able to find her Mr. Right in the end?

This review is spoiler free: In this book, it highlights the fear that some women may face in the working field. This really stood out to me. Despite the whole romance being the biggest part of this story, I especially loved it when the author wrote about this problem.

The short story ends with a cliffhanger and it definitely makes me as a reader wanting to read more.


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