REVIEW: 1984 (The Graphic Novel)

Earlier in May, I caught the Orwell bug and read Animal Farm in three days. It was enjoyable, but also confusing since I don’t know the history it was hinting at. 1984 seemed to be more palatable and was often referenced during my time in my degree studies. When I saw this on NetGalley, I… Read More REVIEW: 1984 (The Graphic Novel)


REVIEW: Awesome Achievers in Technology

I like knowing things. To me, there’s an appeal about knowledge, information, facts but obtaining such knowledge is different story. I’m not one who likes watching videos about how things are made, scrolling through wikipedia and jumping from article to article till 3AM. I like reading books about such topics, but not extensive, tiring, thick… Read More REVIEW: Awesome Achievers in Technology

REVIEW: History Adventures, World of Characters (1750-1900)

If you’re are interested in history, art, education and technology, today’s book is for you. I’ve always wanted to learn about world history. It wasn’t something that was taught in-depth during my time as a student. My country’s syllabus was focused on their own history, and a few chapters on the wars, renaissance, inventions and… Read More REVIEW: History Adventures, World of Characters (1750-1900)