It has been a while since I’ve reviewed poetry and we’re slowly getting through that long list from May two years back. Yes, that one ‘Poetry May’ event lasted for a couple of years and now I’m reaping what I’ve sown.

Dès Vu
by Swapna Sanchita

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For a long time, poetry has been a personal thing for me, cathartic in its ability to lend voice to my thoughts. However there comes a time in every writer’s life when the need to have one’s work appreciated by others overcomes the reticence of their nature. With this book, I have reached the point where I can let you, the reader, enter. See me. Maybe some of the poems here will resonate with you, and that understanding, that secret “yes, I know what she means”, from a stranger, is what I seek.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A physical copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is definitely a poetry collection that gets better when you have Google by your side.

Dès Vu is a French term which means ‘the awareness that this will become a memory‘. That being said, this collection contains 42 relatable poems which I believe we will all use our experiences as a guide.

While there were no fixed topics, Dès Vu contains poetry on love, observations, tranquillity, memories and so much more. However, I don’t see a reason behind the chosen sequence of the poems.

While I did enjoy having to look up the meanings of words and symbolisms from time to time, some poems felt a bit too surface-level for my liking. There were a number of really good ones that I enjoy, but some of them missed the mark for me which lowered my ratings for the book.

This isn’t for beginners to poetry nor is it for those who are fans of classic poems, but if you’re someone who has spent years reading modern poetry, then this might be for you.


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