REVIEW: The History of the World in Comics

This isn’t the first book I’ve DNF-ed this year, but it’s definitely the first one from my DNF list to make it on the blog. While it wasn’t my personal taste, I think some people would enjoy it, so why not share it with you guys?

The History of the World in Comics
by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu and Adrienne Barman

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Never has natural history been so fun! Scientific accuracy and humor combine to tell the entire history of Earth in a comic book format.

A paleontologist and a storyteller take two children through the birth of our planet, the beginning of microbes, and through the heydays of protozoans, dinosaurs, and early mammals with unfailing enthusiasm.

The art accurately portrays animal species and prehistoric landscapes, includes maps and infographics, but also adds humorous touches: a google-eyed prehistoric fish looking startled to be walking on land and the children popping out of a tree top to surprise a Brachiosaurus.

The combined expertise of author Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, a science writer and biologist, and illustrator Adriene Barman, the creator behind Creaturepedia and Plantopedia, makes for a science read you can trust.

Fans of Maris Wicks’s Human Body Theater and Nathan Hale will be pleased.


A review copy was provided by courtesy of Holiday House Publishing, Inc.

You think dinosaurs are old? This books takes you to a time before dinosaurs!

It has been a while since this book was sent my way. As someone who never got into dinosaurs or animals as a kid despite seeing all those books in the bookstores, I figured maybe I should read about it now that I’m older. Maybe I’d get to know some cool things through this book. Yeah, I barely made it halfway through the book until I realised that I barely understood a thing.

It’s very rich in knowledge, with accompanying illustrations of aquatic life, land animals, birds, plants and more! It’s definitely not something ever taught, and it feels like you stumbled into one of those “25 sea creatures you’ve never seen before” Buzzfeed posts. Some of them will definitely make you question reality, some of them would make you think “I’m so glad I don’t have to see it,”.

For a children’s book on paleontology, I appreciate the intention on wanting to stay scientifically accurate but the scientific names only blurred together. The art style will definitely appeal to children with it’s bright colours and lively style. To me, I had to rub my eyes and remind myself that these were once real and not fantasy creatures. Can you tell this just isn’t for me? Well, if you’re into fantasy, this book might just be your thing!

I was debating whether to post a review, since I didn’t finish reading it and barely made it halfway through the book. But how could I? Many enjoyed the book, so it is definitely just my personal taste.

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