BOOK REVIEW: Words You’d Whisper

I’ve had a rocky relationship with poetry. Some were fantastic, some were okay, some made me question if I liked poetry. Truth be told, prior to starting bookstagram, I thought poetry wasn’t my thing. I tried to read it, dissect it, but every thing flew over my head and I decided to give up.

When I started book reviewing, I didn’t start with poetry but along the way, I’ve read some that I enjoyed, and finally identified a style of writing that I like.

This is one of them.

Words You’d Whisper
by E-lynn Kok

get it here (Shopee Malaysia)


In Words you’d Whisper, E-Lynn (@elysian_booksish) communicates with the world in the way she knows best – writing. This is a collection of poems she hopes will whisper courage and hope to you. Inside, you will find bouquets of fiction about mental health, sadness, and of course, happiness and love. Through her storms, she built a garden. Please enjoy the flowers.

In spring,
till the soil,
sow the seeds,
nurture the seedlings.

In autumn,
harvest your labour,
store it well,
to feast in winter.

Do not forget,
growth is the same.

We are being ripened,
for the bruises to come.

Enjoy the garden,
for I have planted this for you.

“Elynn’s words describing depression and anxiety are heartbreakingly raw and honest, but also gentle, moving and comforting. Words You’d Whisper is a beautiful, reassuring reminder that you are not alone in your struggles with mental health.” – Kamalia Hasni, author of An Ocean of Grey and A Wave of Dreams


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Truly a great poetry collection from Malaysian-born self-proclaimed citizen of Narnia, E-lynn. As a debut collection, this is incredible, and I can’t wait to read more of her work.

Words You’d Whisper is a reflection, of growing up, life’s ups and downs, anger, betrayal, fear, hate, mental illnesses, forgiveness, and most of all, hope. There are also many poems on anxiety, depression and self love. If I were to only recommend one poetry collection to get you into reading poetry, this is it.

To me, E-lynn balances modern poetry with skill and grace. I love the way she structures her lines and poems. It really shows that she’s a lover of art and creativity in the way she plays with imagery and similes.

“Time slips through my fingers,
like the broken remains of a once magnificent
stained glass window.”

E-lynn Kok (Words You’d Whisper)

No one, no one writes an opening line like that and expects anyone to be okay.

Aside from her poems, she made illustrations for some of her poems that ranges from line art to very detailed drawings with shading, perception and all that jazz. Even the art she made alone is creative and so lovely to see, especially when the poet herself has made it, an extension of their poems.

Words You’d Whisper is a debut collection that I highly recommend to those who are big readers of poetry or are getting into poetry.

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