REVIEW: Above Suspicion and Unbothered

Ever since May 2020, I’ve had a large influx of poetry to review and have been struggling to space it out between my other books for variety. I used to review a poetry collection a month, but I might review it more often, just to get through the list quickly. My review pile is becoming rather concerning and it’s not something I want to bring into 2023.

With that being said, I think this was a great book to start the year. Other than it is poetry and fairly quick to read, it left a hopeful and positive note, which I’ll be elaborating more in the review.

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Above Suspicion and Unbothered
by Amanda Catherine


A collection of poetry, prose, and quotes based around past anger towards a toxic relationship, acceptance and clarity of moving forward, and finally a rejoice in happiness. Above Suspicion and Unbothered is a deeper look into the emotional recount the author had experienced her last five years and how much her life has changed since then. This book is meant to express the authors suppressed feelings and to help inspire others and to let it be known that after a toxic relationship, you too will be okay.


* An e-copy was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Above Suspicion and Unbothered is separated into 3 parts – Swirling Thoughts of Rage, Intermission of Clarity and Acceptance, and Life is Grand and I am Happy, and the titles suggest the theme of the poems.

It opens with a powerful line and reads like a journal. There’s a mix of longer poems and some short ones. I prefer longer poems, Catherine’s short lines are shockingly powerful. The way it is arranged only enhances the impact.

However, there were some lines in the second and third parts that didn’t give as much impact. It seemed like motivational quotes. Overall, the poems were very straightforward and placed an emphasis on rhymes.

The formatting was strange to me. I can’t see a clear pattern around it. Some poems were centre-aligned, some were left-aligned. I can’t tell why and if it was done to give a certain effect, it lacked in that area.

Despite that, the poems take you through a whole journey. One full of sadness, confusion, anger, pain, and slowly acceptance and happiness. By the end of it, I was happy for the poet.


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