If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, the name “Tia Wins” might ring a bell. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Tushnamaity,  the author of Flock in A Closet and A Word to the Wise, who goes by the pen name ‘Tia Wins’.


Tia Wins named as Tushnamaity Davierwala (at birth) born on 8th October 1994 in a Parsi family brought up in a small town close to Mumbai, a common girl with millions of uncommon dreams, author of the book “Flock In A Closet: A profound and intense collection of relatable poems” is a poet and an influential writer, observing even the very minute of the aspects and interpreting those in her own unique way makes her special.

Having her own lens to life rather than reside on the already been ‘dwelled on’ beliefs she holds a perspective beyond any other. Her newest book, “A Word to the Wise: Wear My Perspective to Change Your Perception” shares her viewpoint that’ll change your perception in a way that sets you to wonder how there could be a fourth angle to a triangle of any particular situation.


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FLOCK IN A CLOSET                     A WORD TO THE WISE 
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  1. Hello Tia! Congratulations on your second book, ‘A Word to the Wise: Wear My Perspective to Change Your Perception’! I’m sure others would love to hear what is it about so could you give 3 words to summarize your book?
    It’s Your Story:
    Just as its name (which is also a phrase “A word to the wise is sufficient”) suggests it is a short word to people who are wise enough to take a hint from each quote and not needing a long explanation for it. The reason why I haven’t elaborated on it is that most of the quotes in the book are multi dimensional where only the reader can link his/her unique story to that quote and I bet 90% readers will relate cause that’s my speciality when it comes to writing. 
  2.  You’ve previously written a poetry collection, ‘Flock in A Closet’ and now you have a quote collection, which did you prefer writing more?
    Both. Each of my write up is very very close to my heart and each of which holds my secrets that may be I’ll never disclose to anyone.
  3. What’s your inspiration behind ‘A Word to the Wise’? Do you have a favourite quote from it?
    The inspiration behind “A Word To The Wise” is nothing more than my experiences or experiences others may have had or things and people I might have closely observed (as I am very observant) , emotions I feel too deep as compared to other people I have known, a purpose to help people out the ones who are fixed in the complexity of their own fluctuating thoughts mostly teenagers and those who just stepped in their twenties and a great need to share my heart out.My favourite quote from the book is:
    Almost all but let me share some of my top favourites:
    1) “If you deceive me your dog’s ticks will bite you.”
    (Dog’s ticks here is “Vikarma” )

    2) Story of one-sided love:
    “I didn’t fall you, I collapsed.”

    3) “If you play the dim chord of my heart,
    I might no more sound a melody.”

    4) “When life doesn’t give you sarees drape bed sheets
    Don’t wait for happiness, create it!”

    5) “I am no intellect
    I am just hit by reality
    Knocked down by life
    And loved by my will.”

  4. I’m sure it was difficult to choose which quote to be included in your book. What made you choose one quote from another?
    I had nearly 300 quotes and as I love every bit of what I write So, now you know how tough it might have been for me to pick best 169 to 170 quotes of those so many. I tried picking up the most sane of all and keeping the length of the book enough to afford at the pocket for all my readers.
  5.  About your poetry collection, the title ‘Flock in A Closet’ is an interesting title. What does that mean?
    “Flock In A Closet” for me actually means feelings and thoughts long locked up in a closet of my heart and mind.
  6.  Do you have plans for a third book? What type of genre would it be?
    Yes! I do have a plan for my third book I am not really sure about what genre it would be because I have been working on multiple projects like I want to write;
    1) a poetry book
    2) A novel or maybe a self-help book
    3) a quote book with some new concepts to talk about
    Whichever I complete first will be out as my third book.
  7. What’s the biggest takeaway from ‘A Word to the Wise’?
    It’s to peep deep into your soul and dig out your reality!
  8. In your opinion, how does one become successful?
    I’d say, when you wanna succeed in life just talent and hard work won’t do…you need to have determination, dedication, patience, the ability of right decision making, a self-forgiving and learning attitude…

    Well, and most importantly BRAINS!!!

  9. Where else can we find you on social media?
    You can google me: Tia Wins and click on “more about Tia Wins” it’ll show up my social profiles follow the tabs and you’ll get my pages.
    I am on,
    Instagram: @tiawinsofficial
    Twitter: @Ms_Smarthead
    Youtube: Tia Wins
    Facebook: Tia WinsI have Goodreads, Amazon and Notionpress author pages in name Tia Wins and you can follow me there too.

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