REVIEW: A Word To The Wise

Screenshot_20190503-000525_Amazon KindleA Word to the Wise
by Tia Wins

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Tia Wins named as Tushnamaity Davierwala (at birth) born on 8th October 1994 in a Parsi family brought up in a small town close to Mumbai, a common girl with millions of uncommon dreams, author of the book “Flock In A Closet: A profound and intense collection of relatable poems” is a poet and an influential writer, observing even the very minute of the aspects and interpreting those in her own unique way makes her special. Having her own lens to life rather than reside on the already been ‘dwelled on’ beliefs she holds a perspective beyond any other. Something that’ll change your perception in a way that sets you to wonder how there could be a fourth angle to a triangle of any particular situation. Willing to share her mind with the huge wide world she presents to you”A word to the wise: Wear my perspective to change your perception”A book on her very best picked collection of quotes anyone would easily fall in love with. A buy you’ll never regret!



I read this book at the right time and absolutely resonated with it!

Previously, I read and reviewed Flock in A Closet, a poetry collection by Tia Wins and it was an enjoyable read with many rhymes! This time, Tia Wins comes up with something more serious and I absolutely love it!

A Word to the Wise is a collection of quotes that will motivate you to see things on the bright side and to learn from every situation. Although I expected more from it, I can see it as a potential gift to a loved one.

I expected a little more than just quotes. Maybe a little explanation, what made the author write such a thing or think in such a way. Despite that, I think it’s a great book to purchase for yourself or a loved one and be used as a journaling prompt.

Recently, I’ve been more focused on self-growth and getting in touch with my feelings again, just trying to understand myself better and know where I stand on a certain topic. I’ve been searching for journaling prompts and questions to make myself think more and I felt comforted and understood since the quotes in this book is almost exactly the same way as to how I think.

I’m glad to have been able to read this since I’m trying to get in touch with how I feel and try to understand myself better. I hope to read more of these type of books!


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