ARC REVIEW: This Place is Not My Home

cover153333-mediumThis Place is Not My Home (Brothers, #2)
by Cyn Bermudez

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Victor and Isaac aren’t sure how long they’ll make it in their foster homes. Isaac is comfortable around his foster parents, but afraid they’ll give him up. Victor has just landed in a new, crowded home with lots of rules, and is accused of stealing. The brothers make a secret plan to run away from their foster parents and make a home of their own. Will their plan work, or will they lose everything trying?



*An ARC was given by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

“When it pours, have faith.” 

Truly an unconventional way of writing, This Place is Not My Home is narrated through the emails sent by brothers Victor and Isaac.

Victor and Isaac were sent into foster homes after their mother went into jail. The news was spread like wildfire and everyone in their country knows about it. The kids in the school and their foster home calls them names and some even doubt their sincerity.

Victor is accused for stealing, after all, things started disappearing once he arrived. His foster parents are strict and his foster siblings are mean to him. Isaac likes his new foster parents but he is anxious that he might get kicked out soon. Nothing is going well for them and they don’t feel at home.

My favourite part of this story was how realistic the characters are. There’s slight touches on anxiety and panic attacks, which is good for middle-grade children to read about. I also liked that even though it’s the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone.


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