REVIEW: Flock in A Closet

43562409Flock in A Closet
by Tia Wins

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Hey there!
Here’s what you had been searching for since so long.
Well, not merely a poetry book but a piece of my heart I’d love to gift you. Something that you will not just read but that which will leave an impression on you for a lifetime. I mean “a good impression” *laughs*

Flock In A Closet is a profound and intense collection of relatable poems written by Tushnamaity Davierwala,
Tia Wins ( pen name) where each poem has it’s own grace, a unique way of narrating thoughts and feelings.
Having a pleasing aura this book has almost everything enough to serve every reader leaving them content yet craving for more. It contains the experiences and stories of people whoever and whenever entered the poet’s life accompanied by the poet’s deepest thoughts and emotions that’ll touch your heart and treat your soul in just the right measure.



*A copy of Flock in A Closet was sent in exchange for an honest review.*

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and I don’t think any of them was as fun as Flock in A Closet. Flock in A Closet is a collection of poems separated into three different parts — Spectrum, His Diary of Love and Valentines Collection. There were themes of love, friendship, feminism, sadness and encouragement, and these were all relatable.

Although there were some punctuation and spelling errors, it does not take away from the poem. The fun rhymes, satisfying structures and carefully arranged words can’t help but bring a smile to your face!

The first few parts may not seem that interesting but I’ve grown a fond liking for some of the poems, especially Bridge, What You Learn, Is What You Earn, Being Woman and Hey Girl, Don’t feel so low! The author could convey her love for poems through her writing and it really shows that she had a fun time writing it!


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