REVIEW: Obsidian Fragrance

41582139.jpgObsidian Fragrance
by L.C. Perry

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The big secret is out and now Irene must use the extra time she has to her advantage. She must get back to the hideout and warn her friends…but not everyone will be happy with the news she brings along with her. To make matters worse, the queen has finally snapped. If the king is too shaken to lead, she will just have to take matters into her own hands.

War looms ahead for Irene, Ebony, and their allies. If they want to survive this, they must prepare themselves for the final fight to win back their freedom. Everything is at stake.

Not everyone will come out alive.

But one thing is certain – the feud between rebels and royals will be settled once and for all.

In this emotionally gripping conclusion of the Bronze Rebellion series, join the epic clash between past and future, love and reputation, blood and family as the day marking the next age quickly approaches.



*A free copy was given to me in return for an honest review.*

“Remember this moment. Remember every hardship you’ve worked to overcome and remember why there are those who cannot achieve their own freedom. Remember why we fight. And promise me there will be a better future waiting at the end of this.”

Obsidian Fragrance is the last in L.C. Perry’s Bronze Rebellion series, a series that I’ve been loving and screaming into the void about since the first book.

Obsidian Fragrance introduces a lot more characters into the storyline, as if there weren’t a lot already. However, each character was very significant in the development of the story. These characters have well-developed personality and interests that makes them seem more like human than just a name. When it comes world-building, it is common to have many characters and some of them may not even stand out or you can’t remember them well. Obsidian Fragrance is nothing like that.

This entire book left me wrecked. There was so much crying, cheering, anger and worry. The way Perry made these characters and how she writes makes it seem as if you want to be their friends and their pain was your pain as well. Their friendship was forged out of bonds so strong that even blood could not even compete (hint!).

The most important part of this book was the battle. However, there were many conflicts along the way and it made me wonder how exactly will the battle play out. Most of the time, battle scenes are poorly described and lacking, however the battle scenes in Obsidian Fragrance, albeit a bit long, was focused on the characters, their skills and their teamwork. I thought the author would not spare any more time to let the readers know more about the characters and focus on the main plot but most of the backstories, teamwork and a lot of other side information was written in the battle scenes.

I really loved the closure that Obsidian Fragrance included. The epilogue was something I needed after all the pain I (and the characters) went through. It’s definitely the sun after the storm but it sadly signifies that there is no more to the series.

Overall, I really liked this series and hope that many more are able to share the love I have for it. Also, there’s a lot of character deaths, many that I loved very much and definitely shed tears over and screamed “NO NO NO NO” very loudly (sorry neighbours!).


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