REVIEW: Murder in Magic City

40183739 (1)Murder in Magic City (A Connor Cole Mystery, #1)
by Bryan Peabody

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Connor Cole spent years running his software company in corporate America before losing everything. After moving to Miami to escape his old life, Connor starts working as a private investigator and taking the occasional consulting gig for the FBI with his on again, off again girlfriend Sofia.

When FBI Special Agent Matthews Banks tells Connor that he would like him to look into a break-in at his friends’ company in downtown Miami, Connor gets much more than he bargained for including a dead body and accused of murder. Will Connor be able to figure out who is behind it and why, before it’s too late?



*A free copy was sent to me in return for an honest review.*

Murder in Magic City is a fast-paced murder mystery that began with a rocky start but  ended really well.

Written in first person, Murder in Magic City felt a little lacking in terms of the feel of it. It was very conversation based and the sentence were simple. The writing style doesn’t really grasp the reader’s attention. However, the plot was the main drive but the writing style could do a little bit more work.

Throughout the whole story, there was a lot of Spanish words thrown into the conversation. It might be a little difficult for non-Spanish speaking audience to understand what was going on but it doesn’t affect the story much.

Murder in Magic City had a very interesting mix of genres – sci-fi, thriller and mystery which worked really well. I liked how Peabody included his knowledge from his profession into the book and it made it more interesting and believable, especially when explaining about the RFID chips and how it worked.

It was boring in the start. The writing felt like it was for a TV episode of a crime movie, full of conversation however, it became more interesting as Connor Cole had so many obstacles in his way and there were many quirky characters that made you wonder if they could be trusted.

Murder in Magic City is a great fast-paced read if you are a reader who loves plot-twists, quirky characters and Snickers!


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