ARC REVIEW: #TrueBeing

#TrueBeing_Final Cover_6 X 9_376 pages.indd#TrueBeing: 1 Book. 3 Themes. Many Musings.
by Sagar Datta

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Let’s live our lives
The way they are designed.
You walk on your path,
I walk on mine.
Let us listen to the truths
That are out there for us.
Let us embrace them all,
With our heart, soul and mind!



*A free ARC was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

#TrueBeing is a collection of poems that aims to be relatable to everyone and helps the reader to reflect upon themselves. The poems are separated by the themes of Love, Life and Relationships however some way overlap on the themes but it is separated to what seemed more fitting. On every page, Sagar Datta writes a wise poem, completed with beautiful illustrations and an explanation that complements the poem.

In his book, he writes about losing someone, caring for them, self-growth, forgiveness and many other relatable issues. Sagar Datta’s collection of poems encourages to self-reflect, learn and grow. It is definitely one that is able to speak to the reader’s heart.

Altogether, there are a large number of poems, more or less around 100. It is difficult to pick a favourite but I really resonated with a few, namely Commitment Concerns,
Fancy My Soul, Life’s Purpose, Hope and a Little Sugar, Negative Feelings, Thank You, God, To Err is Human and Welcome Back. There are very many wise words in there and good advises, to which Sagar Datta would prefer for his readers to read it slowly and to have time to reflect.

I love that there were very beautiful illustrations that worked with the poem however some were a little odd. I do admire the consistency with the art style. Although the poems strive to advise on different topics, I felt that it was a bit too many to engage the interest for long. Overall, I do believe that this may calm and give strength to the readers that others can relate to the way that they feel.


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