REVIEW: Things That Don’t Make Sense

cover154930-medium Things That Don’t Make Sense (The Bad Kids in 4B, #2)
by Brynn Kelly

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Hi-lo fiction. Landon currently has an F in life. He won’t do his homework, won’t take tests, won’t even look at the chalkboard during class. His parents and teachers think it’s because he’s just not trying, but really, Landon is hiding a deep secret: nothing makes sense to him. He struggles to read, has trouble focusing, and can’t wrap his mind around math. Maybe this a problem only the kids in 4B can solve.


4 stars

“A free version was given to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Middle-grade fiction that should be read by every student. ‘Things That Don’t Make Sense” shares about the difficulties some students with learning disabilities face.

Landon failed all his classes except art and gym, maths doesn’t make sense and he wants to be a game developer. He tried but he just can’t understand it whereas everyone else doesn’t understand him.

“Things That Don’t Make Sense” touches on the topic of bullying, parents setting high expectations on their children and the fear of not being able to explain yourself and what you’re going through.

Although it is a short book (less than 100 pages), it would have been better if there was more on the characters and how they helped one another. I felt it was a bit too fast paced but it was able to show that no matter how difficult life may be, every thing will always work out.





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