by Yannick Pelegrin

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Aldo has been twenty-eight for three hundred years. Despite his long life, he still hasn’t developed very good social skills. His whole family has been dead now for a long while, and nobody believes he is immortal. As a result, he leads a lonely existence. He is afraid to love anything or anyone, except for his beautiful Alfa Romeo and his little pug Gustav. When he tries to seek professional help, there too the truth seems too absurd for words. But then he spots someone on television and recognizes him from an encounter two hundred years ago. And he decides to visit the to get some answers.



*A copy of Aldo was provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review.*

Aldo is a book that requires some thought to understand it. It makes a little more sense the second time reading it and some scenes are required to be read more than a couple of times.

In terms of the story line, I like how the writer is able to make the readers relate to Aldo’s confusion of his immortality. The story revolves around Aldo and he is rarely seen having a conversation with someone else which reflects his loneliness really well.  However, it does get confusing at times since the narratives were unclear.

I really like the art style and the colours Pelegrin used. I like the contrast in colour, the red and green tones were very consistent in this work and it highlights which part the readers should focus on. The style also accentuates the sadness and confusion Aldo feels.


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