2018 was the year I re-discovered my love for reading. It was the same year where I started book reviewing and I realised that I read a lot of indie books. I am very pleased to have discovered so many amazing authors and I would love to share some of favourites here!

In no particular order:

1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas 

6da4b-HateUGive_10-10SnapI believe I started reading this in late 2017, only to procrastinate and picked it back up when I heard it was going to be a movie.

This was one of the books that made me cry buckets as I was reading it. It was such a powerful story and the movie was equally good (except for some parts that I thought was important that didn’t make the cut).

2.  Eagle Shield (Milestone Rising, #1) by Carl Lakeland 


A trained assassin with the task to protect an orphaned ten-year-old girl, Angel who harness a special gift. With people out to get Angel, he must risk his life to save her.

As I was reading this, I imagined it to be a movie. It had the potential to be a 2.5 hours, gripping action movie and for some unknown reason, I imagine Jeremy Renner or perhaps Daniel Craig to be the lead the whole time I was reading this.

It was an intense story with so many failures that would make you wonder if this highly trained assassin would be able to pass his mission. This story also have a ton of side events and characters that made it even better.

3. The Son (Eddie Creighton, #1) by Aaron Meizius


Mysteries weren’t really my thing. It scared me, thrillers makes me extremely anxious and I feel very uncomfortable as i read it. But this, this was just perfect.

It was fast-paced, exciting and wouldn’t make you get too attached to the characters (which is the main problem for me). It had a very clear and well-built narrative arc which I don’t see often but really appreciate. The chapters were short so it acted as a quick breather before the next action scene.

If you’re trying to get into reading mysteries, I do suggest this one.

4. Nimbus (Nimbus, #1) by A.C. Miller


This is one of the first dystopian-themed novels that I enjoyed. Quickly after this, I realised that dystopia (the genre) isn’t that boring as I thought it would be.

Nimbus has elements of fantasy, mystery and inequality and it was written really well. The idea of 14-year-olds having to defend themselves and live and kill to survive in the outside world for 11 years before they’re allowed to return to their homes was absolutely twisted and it definitely showed in the mind of the antagonist.

I absolutely can’t wait for Halcyon which will be coming out this year!

5. How Black is the Shadow (Ashbourne Chronicles, #1) by Andrew Layden


This book started off really, really slowly but it was at a steady pace. If I were to describe it, it felt as if I was on a giant rollercoasting, climbing up, travelling slowly as if I was on a slug but that moment when I reached to the top, the slug grew wheelies for legs and I zoomed past 250 pages in one sitting.

It was incredibly gripping.

I love how complex the characters were. They were really well formed and there were so many things that happened in just 500+ pages. It had a strong female lead, cunning king, evil and good princes, a magician, a twist of events, murder and literally what you’d expect from a medieval-ish movie.

6. Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne


Here’s another book that I enjoyed very much mainly because I imagined the whole thing as a story. Throughout the book, I could see Benedict Cumberbatch as Phileas Fogg and Jack Black as Passepartout.

I have yet to watch any of the movies though so I definitely would in 2019.

6. The Foreseen by Noor de Olinad


This was one of the few books that I’ve read that would’ve been a great graphic novel.

I loved that this book was set in a fictional land that was well-developed. The history, culture and traditions were very well written and there no plotholes when it came to the background of the fictional land, Drasilgard.

I really enjoyed it and honestly wished that there were more.

8-10. Bronze Rebellion series by L.C. Perry

I’ve been talking about this series so much on my Instagram (@skavansieur) so so much that I feel everyone is sick of it.

It follows a group of rebels who were diverse, complex characters with so many layers, who wanted to put an end to the slavery that the king and queen of Thoeya had hidden from most of the world. The rebels devised a plan to capture the princess on the day of her sixteenth birthday, of course, with the help of some traitors to the throne.

These were my top 10 favourites of 2018. Most of these were written by independent authors who really deserve more attention from readers.

I hope you guys will be able to find a new favourite among these titles.

Cheers to more books in 2019!



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