REVIEW: Agate Memory (Bronze Rebellion #3)

Agate Memory
by L.C. Perry

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The rebellion has given people hope. From former slaves to a princess now fighting for her throne, the rebellion has changed numerous lives. But with the serum going around, the rebellion may be in trouble…

The king and queen are taking out rebels and traitors like no tomorrow, forcing the rebellion to race against time. Confronting the duke turns out to be the least of Irene’s worries. With their relationship growing stronger, Irene finds out that Asher’s past has left an even bigger shadow over his life than she expected. And Ebony still has yet to reveal a secret of her own.

In order to prevent further slaughter of her allies, Irene will have to return to the castle and learn what she can to help her country. But the princess is not ready to learn the secrets that await her back home…secrets the queen might kill her for. Secrets that can make or break everything she has strived to overcome. 

Each day passes and more politics, drama, and violence follow. Decisions will have to be made. And not all of them will be good.



*A free PDF copy was provided to me in an exchange for an honest review.*

Disclaimer: Mentions of sensitive matters, swearing, violence and will definitely rip your heart out and leave you sobbing yet wanting more.

After reading the first and second book in this series, this third book really shed more light on the world building. It gave more insight to the setting of the story – a mix of real countries and some created ones. I had difficulties grasping the setting of the story at first since what I imagined was a fantasy land but didn’t imagine 21st century technology to be in it. I liked this aspect since it makes the characters feel more understandable and more closer to home. This definitely makes the reader feel more connected to the characters and more invested in their lives.

Agate Memory, unlike the second book, Emerald Dream, had broad focuses. It focused on the rebellion, the relationships, the castle and the slaves. Despite having so many crucial parts, none of it was given too little attention but each played a big and sufficient part in the development of the story. 

There were so many things I enjoyed about Agate Memory. I loved how the characters from the first book (Gold Shadow) made a reapparance. It shows how much they’ve grown since they entered the rebellion and how their friendship has grown too. The characters were likable and believable, each having their own strengths and weaknesses, and of course, a past that motivates and haunts them. The rebellion felt like a family and it’s great for them to reappear again in the story, as if the relationships between them were close even though it wasn’t mentioned much in the second book (Emerald Dream).

Personally, I am not a fan of the intimate scenes between Asher and Irene. It felt a bit too much for YA. However, I like how raw they were with one another. The times where the people of the rebellion had opened up to one another showed that they were more than friends but like a family. It also showed how the author actually had a clear idea of who the characters were, their backstory and their values. When it comes to a story like this with a whole lot of characters and so many different places to put their focus on, it is a difficult job to give each character enough attention. Most of the time, it isn’t executed well and most of the plot seemed to be a last-minute plan to spice up the story. 

With all the plot-twist going on and the change in the air after Irene’s return, I can’t help but to feel extremely excited for the next and the last book, Obsidian Fragrance.


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