2018 is the year I try bullet journaling.
Fresh out of secondary school into college, I knew I would have a more hectic life trying to balance my assignments, classes and interests together. I’ve heard of bullet journals (Bujos) and seen countless videos YouTube and follow many Bujo-dedicated accounts on Instagram and thought, ‘why not give it a try?’. It was even long before starting a Bookstagram and a blog when I made the decision and I thank my past self for starting it!


A5 Muji grid notebook (30 pages)
Unlike the common Leuchtturm 1917 or the Scribbles that Matter bullet journal, I opted for a cheaper one that I can choose to stop whenever I like. Since this is a new habit that I wished to take up, it’d be a waste if I scrapped it halfway.
I used an A5 Muji Grid Notebook (30 pages) and separated it across my three college semesters. The one on the left was from January to April, the middle from May to August and the right from September to December.


I started my Bujo with a calendar. It was important for me to view the dates, know when I am free to meet up with my friends, special events and many others. I highlight it according to the type of task such as blue for exams, reviews or blog posts and green from college events like submissions and presentations.
Monthly tracker
I also keep a monthly tracker. In 2018, I did two months in a page since each Bujo was only for a semester. It helped me to keep up with my assignments as well as my reviews!



As a book reviewer and just someone with an addiction, I need to track the books on my TBR. Every time I finished a book, I would fill in the boxes. I highlighted those that were sent for a review and crossed out those that I DNF-ed.
Although I rarely do this, on months like October when there’s the Inktober challenge or perhaps when I join any Bookstagram challenges, I would have a bigger monthly spread like this to keep it all in check.
One big part of my 2018 is to write my daily blessings. I believe it is very important for me to recall the good things that happened every day, no matter how big or small.
For example: Early night sleep, productive day, met up with old friends, peace in my heart
It is very important to be thankful.

I started my bullet journal with specific themes and tried out many different styles. 4 months in and I figured out it was way too time consuming so I switched my style to something much more simpler.

Like this!



It works for me, I am able to keep track of my tasks and know what other plans I have that is coming in the next week.
1. Themes don’t really work for me. I prefer simplicity and the minimalist style. I value functionality over looks and that’s totally okay!
2. Calendars are my best friend, especially the yearly calendar. I find that I rarely update my monthly calendar but I would still love to include it next year. I just have to think of a better plan.
3. It is okay to miss out a few days! I may not have time or just don’t feel like it.
4. Expenses tracker (which I didn’t show here). I suggest splitting it to more specific categories such as Food + Drinks, Coffee (separate because I drink a ton of it!), Stationery + Books (dreading this), College Assignments, Transportation, Leisure and Others. These are what worked for me.
5. Count your blessings! It is great to ponder about the wonderful things that happened every day and I hope you would do so too.
As I am writing this, I am in the midst of setting up my 2019 bullet journal. Check out my Instagram for some updates about how it is going! I plan to write another blog post about it once it is done too!

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