REVIEW: The World is a Dark and Lovely Place

The World is a Dark and Lovely Place
by Carol Chu Mei Yin

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A poetry chapbook that describes nature, the fear of drowning, friendship, love and loss in a world that is at times dark but beautiful. My writings here are heavily influenced by the classic language of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost for I am a fan of theirs but the words are entirely my own. 



A collection of poems that shares about highs and lows of life. 

Carol has a way with words that makes you think deeply about this life that we live. There were poems that dealt with loss, missing someone, faith and love – many different aspects that makes us, us. 

I believe that if anyone were to write a good poem, it must be poured out from the deepest part of the heart. It is very evident in the writing here. It was raw and intimate, telling of the griefs and the little things that we don’t often pay attention to.

It’s great to read a poem and find that you relate to it in ways that even you yourself cannot form into sentences. I felt that way when reading the poem “Rain” and “Trust Not Your Broken Heart”. If you’re looking for poems that makes you want to reflect, appreciate the many aspects of your life and to be open about the way you feel, this is the collection for you.


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